Louise J

The short version...

Louise J has always been a daydreamer, but never considered writing a novel until days before typing the first words to If Only. Joe and Callie (and Gerard) appeared in a dream and her mind has never been her own since then, and she’s never alone. When she’s not writing she spends a lot of time missing out on huge chunks of conversation, movies, and TV shows thanks to many wonderful, but highly invasive characters bouncing around in her head, showing her their stories. In the name of research, those fabulous characters have led her to parts of the world she never would have dreamed of, and, as a result, has gained some of the most amazing memories. The rest of the time Louise J is trying to be a good wife to the greatest husband she could ever have asked for.

The longer version...

My interest in writing came about after I developed an infatuation with reading romance novels. I adore playing witness to the journeys characters take. You know, the ones who make you care about them? Love them? The ones that become so real to you the work of fiction becomes non-fiction in your wonderful imagination. The getting caught up in everything from the first sighting, to the first kiss, the naughty bits (when included), the first “I love you” moment, and, of course, the happily ever after that follows a not so easy journey.

Initially, when the desire to write my own story arose it wasn’t for publishing purposes or because I thought I’d even be able to do it, in fact, I didn’t think much beyond wanting to give it a try. No, I didn’t grow up writing stories, or with dreams of having a book one day, it was a sudden thing. (Though, I’ve always been a massive daydreamer; something I can now justify doing)

Within days of making this decision, unexpectedly, a song I love by Roger Sanchez called I Never Knew inspired my first story. A few nights later, Joe and Callie invaded my dream. This may sound a little cliché, but it’s the truth. A key moment between the two characters played out, and when I woke, my memory of the dream was too vivid to ignore; not only the occurrence, but their names, what they looked like, their voices, Callie’s reaction to something Joe said to her. Everything was so clear, even one of the secondary characters, Gerard, popped in. When I started typing that very morning, hundreds of words appeared, as if by magic, but not, and I haven’t stopped writing – literally.

I quickly and completely fell for Joe and Callie, as well as their friends, and felt I had to have others experience these people and the story they shared with me. With that, If Only was truly born. By completion of the first draft, two other stories were in progress and several other characters were vying for my attention. The whole thing was (and still is) insane!
This journey is the most amazing and the scariest I’ve ever taken. So far ... no regrets, just a lot less sleep and a lot more caffeine! ;)