Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Gerard just stole my heart  That's all I have to say right now!

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Book Blitz, hosted by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

Capture Series Book Blitz, hosted by Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews (October 29, 30 & 31)

Excerpts & Giveaway + Extras & SALE: Captured Series (IF ONLY, Book #1; RELEASE, Book #2)

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Monday, 30 September 2013

$0.99 Book Offer... Available at Amazon

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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

This made me really smile :)))

Little me and my book (Release) made it on to Liz's, from Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews, Weekend Reading Recommendations! How lovely to feature in among these super popular books.

Friday, 6 September 2013

When I came across this picture on Google Images I couldn't NOT think of Dane, his coffee table, Brooklyn, and an exceptional dose of cunnilingus! ;)

Release, book 2 in the Captured series

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

You now have access to DANE’S HEAD!

Release is LIVE and available from Amazon on Kindle and all devices using the Kindle app.

I so seriously hope you fall HARD for Dane and Brooklyn just like I did and I hope you’ll enjoy hanging out with the fabulous group of friends you met in If Only.

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Monday, 15 July 2013


Book 2 in the Captured series

Available from Amazon on Kindle and all devices using the Kindle app 
from July 23rd

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Book two in the Captured series 

Will be available from 

July 23rd

I knew from the start that I should stay away from Dane, and I would have – if he’d stayed away from me. Astoundingly sexy with a consuming presence of unspoken command, he enthralls me to the point of almost being incapable of rational thoughts, almost being incapable of resisting him. My hands want to explore him. My tongue wants to taste him. My body begs to experience him. I crave him. Now he’s starting to intrude on a level that’s harder to fight. I know what he wants from me. I also know that Dane is not the type of man you expect to keep.

Things are never straightforward with women like Brooklyn. She’s not the kind whose bed you can slip out of and walk away from without ‘special connections’ or ‘emotions’ expected or offered. She’s the type of woman I prefer to keep my distance from, but like an undersexed, hormonal idiot, I still pursued her. I swear getting turned on by her is like getting turned on for the first time in my life. Now I have her in my grasp, but I know where this will lead. And I’m never the one that gets hurt in situations like this.

A woman who has barely put her broken-self back together and a man who turned his back on love a long time ago. When Dane and Brooklyn first met it appeared to be a simple case of lust between two opposites, but it was the beginning of an intense, emotional journey that would bring forth the pain they both attempted to leave in their pasts, and an encapsulation of feelings neither welcomed but were powerless to stop. Sometimes in life there is no choice but to take a risk.

*Release takes place in the months leading up to the end of If Only (book one in the Captured series), and includes major spoilers from Joe and Callie’s story.

*This book contains graphic sexual content.

Photography by Rahim Mercy at rahim.net
Image Copyright © 2013 by Louise J. All Rights Reserved 
Cover design by Louise J
Model; Jessica King

Release will be available from Amazon on Kindle 
and all devices using the free Kindle app

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

The Captured series and book two...

I want to share with you how the series is intended to go. I’ve learnt that things can so easily change course, dealing with characters and a mind that never shuts up are unpredictable things, so here’s the plan at ‘this point in time’.

At the heart of the Captured series is a group of five friends; Joe, Dane, Gerard, Adam and Saffron. Joe, Dane and Gerard are all single and avoiding relationships. They are man-whores and they love it! I’m assuming you’ve read If Only, book one, and met them all by now. If not, then what are you waiting for?

These books work better when read in sequence, as the characters journeys continue throughout the series, but the central story comes to completion in each novel. You’ll also meet many other fabulous characters along the way, some of whom will stay on the scene.

Here’s how the series goes:
Book one: Joe and Callie’s story
Book two: Dane and Brooklyn’s story
Book three: Gerard and ...’s story (she’s my secret ;))
Book four: Adam and Saffron’s story

*A side-step from the series into a standalone novel, between books two and three, features a character, Mia, who you’ll meet during Dane’s story. She left me no choice but to write her story, so I did – I HAD to, but I can’t share it with you until book two is out. This is what I mean about unpredictable. Stories aren’t always planned; characters sometimes give you way too much to ignore. If Only was originally going to be a standalone – now it’s part of a four book series. This is because Dane gave me too much to ignore, before I’d even completed If Only, and recently Adam’s been invading my head :) 

I truly hope you’ll love all of these amazing characters and their journeys as much as I do.

I’ll be back SOON with the publication date and more details for book two. Though I finished this story quite some time ago, I felt I needed to hold on to it for longer than I initially intended. I wanted to make sure I did Dane and Brooklyn justice, and shared their journey to the absolute best of my ability at my current skill level. I adore them and their story, so I needed to make sure I didn’t rush to get the book out there just for the sake of having it out there. As well as rereading it, and tweaking things, weeks of ignoring the book was involved so I could come back to it with ‘fresh eyes’. It’s a lengthy, ongoing cycle. The truth is I could hold onto it forever and still ask myself the same question, so it’s time for me to let go. I hope you’ll feel it’s been worth the wait.

Back soon... :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Joe, Callie, you guys, and this author person...

Hey readers,

I’m taking ten minutes away from book 2 in the Captured series to touch base with you.

I can’t possibly describe how amazing it feels when I know someone loves If Only. I’m stunned by the number of purchases so far, and I’m blown away by the positive responses it's been receiving. There are many more lovers than loathers, and this is exactly what I hoped for. I’ve literally had the shakes when reading some of your Goodreads reviews. Even simple lines like ‘I loved it!’ have pleased and overwhelmed me. I seriously underestimated the impact of Joe and Callie and their journey. I didn’t expect, even though I hoped, that readers would experience the intense emotions of this story. I rode the roller coaster that is If Only every single time I read the book and let me tell you, I’ve read it a billion times. I’ve read it so many times I got to the point of having to force myself to keep reading it, and even then, I still FELT EVERYTHING, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even with that, I didn’t for one second imagine you would feel the way you have and to such a degree. Sorry if I frustrated you – that wasn’t ever intended. I never sat there thinking, how can I frustrate readers and have them pissed? I swear. I wrote the story Joe and Callie showed me. But it must mean you care, right? I’m so happy that I’ve been capable of creating something that evokes so much emotion – this was my BIGGEST GOAL from the moment I typed my first word. I wanted to make you FEEL. I wanted you to care about Joe and Callie. I wanted you to hurt for them when they hurt. I wanted you to laugh at times (I hope it worked for you, it did for me). I wanted you to enjoy an awesome group of friends and witness their amazing bond – I wish I were part of that group. I didn’t even expect readers to crush on Joe as much as I do. WRONG again. I can’t tell you how excited I am by all the Joe lovers. For me, he is the pinnacle of hotness and awesomeness and wonderfulness... Gushing right now! And Callie – I adore her, she’s everything I’d want to be if I wasn’t me. It means so much when I know others like her, too. 

Though it’s still very early days, and naturally I want many, many, many more people to experience If Only, and ALL of the characters, I’m beyond happy with how things have started out. Joe and Callie came into my life 2 years ago this very month, and I fell for them immediately. I’ve had them with me in some form every day since then. Their story itself came together within a few months, but that was the straightforward part. The real work truly started when I had a rough first draft. That’s when the shitty stuff is obvious, as well as the parts that work well, and any contradictions and blah, blah, blah. Based on my current experience and writing skills, I gave If Only everything I possibly could.

I miss being in Joe and Callie’s heads and I look forward to spending time with them in that way again, but there are other stories in the series that need to come before their next chapters can fall into place. I do dip into their heads every now and then, I can’t help myself. And I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Joe from Dane’s POV for book 2.

Publishing If Only and putting myself out there as this author person is without a doubt the hardest, scariest, and most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I’ve been on my own emotional roller coaster these past few months. The highs are beyond words and they come from YOU and your wonderful responses. The lows hit when this thing called confidence decides to take a nosedive; it's amazing how even with all the great responses, just a few not so great reactions can impact you - even with the understanding that reading is subjective. Taking inspiration from Callie, I have my own 'secret folder' of great reviews that reminds me most people love If Only

So as I return to Dane, who has me gushing at the mere mention of his name, and Brooklyn, who’s also gushing at the mere mention of his name, I leave you with a truly heartfelt thank you for the fabulous ratings, reviews, the messages you’ve taken the time to send, and the following/friend requests on Goodreads. I appreciate you entirely :))) x