About the Captured Series

Adult Contemporary Romance
Sexy, Fun and Emotional Stories with Happily Ever Afters
Hot, Inked, Motorcycle Riding heroes
Cool, Funky, Sexy heroines

At the heart of the Captured series is a group of five friends; Joe, Dane, Gerard, Adam and Saffron. Each book focuses on one couple, and their journeys continue throughout the series, but the central story comes to completion in each novel. You’ll also meet many other fabulous characters along the way, some of whom will stay on the scene.

Here’s how the series goes:
Book one:   Joe and Callie’s story (available on Amazon Kindle
                     Title: If Only
Book two:    Dane and Brooklyn’s story (available on Amazon Kindle
                     Title: Release
Book three: Gerard and ...’s story (she’s my secret ;) for now)
Book four:   Adam and Saffron’s story

*A side-step from the series will venture into some standalone novels. Details of these will be provided closer to their publication dates. 

I hope you’ll love all of these amazing characters and their journeys as much as I do :)

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